"But let me catch one of you stepping out of line again and you'll curse your own mothers for bringing your stroking butts into the light of day. IS THAT CLEAR?"

Sergeant Major Plug

Sergeant Major Plug is a member of the Earthforce Marine Corps, or "ground-pounders".


In 2259 Plug served as the Senior Enlisted Marine for the 356th Infantry Division under General Richard Franklin and was despatched to Babylon 5, ostensibly as relief troops for Io, but in reality headed for the planet Sh'lassen planet Akdor as a part of Operation Sudden Death.

While on the station, he chewed out Privates Kleist, Martin, Romano and Private First Class Durman for starting a brawl in a public area. After Chief Garibaldi requested he overlook the incident, Plug refrained from taking his charges to the brig but warned them they'd regret stepping out of line again.

Though suffering a head wound, Plug survived the battle at Matok and was seen on Tonia Wallace's ISN broadcast calling General Franklin away on an urgent matter.[1]


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