Rastenn was a Minbari of the Warrior Caste and member of the Anla'shok.

Along with Ranger Tannier he was chosen by Sech Turval to accompany Sech Durhan and himself Babylon 5 in 2262 to meet with Delenn, the current Entil'Zha of the Rangers. During their stay, Rastenn and Tannier were granted leave to explore the station. They decided to go into Downbelow. While there, they heard a woman crying out for help. Tannier insisted on seeking out the cause of distress, but Rastenn chose not to go with him, fearing he may be killed for "no worthy reason." As a result, Tannier was severely beaten by a group of thugs.

Rastenn was guilt ridden for not going with his fellow Ranger. Luckily, Tannier recovered and both young Minbari learned a valuable lesson from the experience. [1]


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