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The Mk2 SA-23E Mitchell-Hyundyne Starfury is the Earthforce standard non-atmospheric deep space interdiction and recon fighter.

It first entered service in the 2240s.[N 1] By 2260 Earthforce began to supplement this model with the atmospheric capable Mk3 Thunderbolt, though the Mk2s would remain in active service for at least the next four decades.[3][4]

Technical SpecificationsEdit

A Starfury carries a standard armament of four forward-firing Copeland JC466/A Pulse Discharge Cannons and two Copeland JC44 Pulse Discharge cannons with an additional eight external hard-points on the engine pylons to allow additional payloads such as missiles or slug tanks.[5]

A retractable grappling claw is housed in the ventral hull for towing with a corresponding hitch-point located on the ventral aft tail.[6][7][8]

Mk2 Starfuries are highly maneuverable with the ability to spin 180 degrees in under a second. This combined with the heavy weapon load make them one of the most impressive younger race fighter craft able to outmatch most comparable alien fighters; the Minbari Nial class fighter being a notable exception. Because of its maneuverability, the cockpit is located in the center of the craft thereby minimizing any stress and disorientation for the pilot from high-G turns. Ingress for the pilot is though a dorsal pressure hatch, usually accessible via a gantry while the Fury is locked into its launch cradle. Once inside the pilot is strapped in an upright, bent legged position and as a rule wears a full pressure suit to safeguard against cockpit breaches.[8][9]

The entire cockpit also acts as an escape pod that can be ejected during combat, potentially saving a stricken pilot from the craft's destruction and enabling them to be retrieved later by a rescue and recovery craft.[10][11]

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Behind the ScenesEdit

The Starfury was co-designed by Ron Thornton and Steve Burg as a means to showcase how Newtonian physics could be portrayed in space combat. The configuration was intended as a nod towards Ron Cobb's design for the "Gunstar" from the 1984 movie The Last Starfighter.[12]



  1. One source gives the year as 2244,[1] and states the Mk2 - a.k.a. Aroura - was developed to replace the SA-23A 'Nova' Starfury.[1][2]


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