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SA-23J Mitchell-Hyundyne Starfury "Thunderbolt"

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Starfury has other uses. Please see Starfury (disambiguation) for other meanings.
SA-23J Thunderbolt
Status: Active
Affiliation: Earthforce
Length: 15.3m
Beam: 19.78m (Wings Extended)
Draught: 5.23m
Mass: 52mt
Crew: 2 (Pilot/Navigation/Gunner)
Engines: Beigle-Bryant 9000A
Particle Thrust Engine
Jump Capable: No
Gravity: No
Weapons: 4 linked unidirectional
Walters 40mm pulse cannons,
10 External hardpoints
(for a variety of weapons)

The SA-32A Mitchell-Hyundyne Starfury "Thunderbolt", or Starfury Mk3 is an Earthforce aerospace superiority fighter craft manufactured by Mitchell-Hyundyne.

History Edit

The Thunderbolt was first deployed in 2260, the same year the Earth Alliance Civil War broke out.[1] The Earth-Alliance ThunderBolt is one of, if not the most powerful fighter of all the younger races.

Characteristics Edit

Unlike previous production model Starfurys, the Thunderbolt is capable of atmospheric maneuvering through the use of deployable airfoils mounted on the main engine pods.[2] This fighter also has a crew of two who sit in the traditional fighter plane position and operate the controls using a combination of hand, foot, eye and voice commands. In addition to the pulse cannons, the Thunderbolt has hardpoints for up to 10 extra weapons (usually missiles), enabling it to also serve as a light bomber for planetary strikes.




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