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". . .Senna could use a positive female role model in this place."
"And you think you can locate one for her?"

Empress Timov and Emperor Mollari, 2264

Senna Refa was the daughter of Lord Antono Refa. She later became the ward and essentially the adopted daughter of Emperor Londo Mollari.


In 2262, Senna was made homeless during the Fall of Centauri Prime when her home was destroyed and her mother Celes was killed in the bombardment. In the aftermath she was taken in by a family of common Centauri, who had managed to rig a meagre shack the ruins of the capital. On the first night she happened upon Emperor Londo Mollari who was walking the ruins to see the damage for himself. Senna, consumed by anger, threw a rock that struck the emperor's head. His personal guard gave chase and Senna ran back to the hovel where she had been staying where she was apprehended by Durla, captain of the Palace guard.

Mollari, admiring the young girl's spirit, offered her a place at the Palace with the promise he'd see to the needs of the poor family. Senna refused at first but when the family turned her out into the rain for ruining their chance at escaping the gutter, she went to the Palace to see if the offer was still open. Mollari took her in and she became his ward.

Her initial anger and resentment towards Mollari, whom she had blamed for the suffering of their people, cooled, and Senna came to care for him deeply as a father figure. He provided her with a variety of tutors, and she proved to be an especially apt student. The nobles and ministers at court took to calling her "Young Lady". Sensing a melancholy from Londo that she did not understand, Senna eventually contacted his estranged wife Timov and convinced her to come live in the Imperial Palace. Londo and Timov proceeded to grow closer and reconcile.[1]

Senna flirted with Throk Milifa, a member of the Prime Candidates (the fascist Centauri youth movement) assigned as Londo's personal attendant, in order to learn more about the doings of Minister Durla's faction. However, when Throk proposed an arranged marriage between himself and Senna to Emperor Mollari, Senna told them that she did not wish to be married and Londo refused Throk's request. Throk later struck Senna in anger over this, which led to Londo removing him from his position in the palace.[2]

Eventually, Senna began looking after the children of some Centauri nobles while their parents were in court, including Luc and Lyssa Deradi. She and Vir Cotto became romantically involved.[3]

In 2278, while Senna was vainly trying to control her charges when they wandered into the Royal Throne Room and came face to face with Emperor Londo Mollari II. Though Senna feared for the consequences of their trespass, Mollari assured her it was alright. After seeing how the children present themselves, Londo named Luc Emperor for five minutes (something Emperor Turhan had apparently once done for him) and let the young nobleman give one order.

Luc's order was to hear a story about great battles, wars and bravery and heroes and villains, though Lyssa wanted a true story. Londo obliged them both as told Luc and his sister the story of Earth's disastrous first contact with the Minbari, and of the Earth-Minbari War. After the story was finished, Londo said to Senna that he would have loved to spend just five minutes, walking with her on a beach, somewhere; he had forgotten who exactly she was due to his problems keeping his more recent memories straight and mistook her for a retainer of House Jaddo. A little over an hour after Senna had taken the children away, the Emperor was dead.[3][4]

Senna was instrumental in working with the various civilian ministers during the reconstruction of Centauri Prime in the aftermath of the Drakh's exposure. She designed the twin statues of Londo and G'Kar that Vir, the new emperor, commissioned to be built on either side of the capital.[3]


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