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The Sharlin class warcruiser was in its time the largest and most powerful ship in the Minbari fleet. They were manufactured at the Valeria-On-High Orbital Shipyards orbiting Minbar.

Technical DetailsEdit

The main capital ship of the Minbari fleet, the Sharlin's stealth systems give it an advantage over the scanning and tracking systems that when active it would prevent some of the races from achieving a positive weapons lock.[3][2] The Sharlin is also equipped with advanced scanners so powerful that when set to maximum have been known to interfere with the electronics aboard less advanced starships, effectively jamming their systems.[4]

Known ShipsEdit

Unnamed Ships


TV/DVD Movies
Babylon 5
Signs and Portents
The Coming of Shadows
Point of No Return
No Surrender, No Retreat
Wheel of Fire


Other SourcesEdit

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