A Soul is the incorporeal part of a sentient being.


  • The Minbari believe in collective reincarnation. When an individual dies, their soul joins with the souls of all the other Minbari melding one with another, until they are born into next generation of Minbari. They also believe that certain souls travel together and live together again in other lives, sometimes in order to correct mistakes that were made before.[1] [2]
  • Soul Hunters believe that all sentient beings have a soul but it ends with death and does not transcend or go to an afterlife, hence they attempt to collect them for preservation.[1] [3]
  • Garibaldi does not believe in souls. [3] [4]
  • After performing a deathbed scan, it is believed that part of a person's soul passes with the dying individual.
    • According to Lyta, the rumor around Psi Corps is that Bester was always volunteering for these kinds of scans and in doing so he lost some of his soul, possibly the better parts of himself.[4]


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