Owner: Minbari Federation
Operator: Religious Caste
Class: Sharlin-class warcruiser
Status: Active (2261)

The Takari was a Sharlin-class warcruiser owned by the Religious Caste.

In 2261, the Takari met with Neroon's vessel to pick him up in response to Delenn's message. The Takari met with Delenn's White Star Group to have Delenn transported to Minbar. During transit, Delenn and Neroon made plans to stop the Minbari Civil War. These plans including Neroon apparently betraying the Religious Caste. A group of Religious caste members attempted to poison the life support of the vessel in an effort to kill everyone on board as a symbol of the Religious caste's endurance against the Warrior caste, but they were stopped by Lennier. Neroon left the vessel to go meet with the Warrior caste's fleet. [1]


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