The Telepath War was a conflict with non-telepathic humans and rogue human telepaths on one side and the Psi Corps on the other. Official Earth Alliance media calls it the Telepath Crisis, in an attempt to downplay its severity.[1]

During the war the Psi Corps attempted to take over the Earth Alliance. The Interstellar Alliance entered the fight to help on the side of the mundanes and rogue telepaths. The climax of the war came when Psi Corps Headquarters was destroyed, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Alfred Bester's men. The telepath resistance leader Lyta Alexander and the disgraced Minbari Ranger Lennier were also amongst the casualties.

Following the war, the Psi Corps was disbanded, and the Psionic Monitoring Commission was created. [2]


  • The exact dates of the war are not given, but it was "recently" over by the time of "A Call to Arms," set in 2267.


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