I'm Back Edit

To quote Sheridan "I'm better now."

Anyhow, there have been a lot of great edits while I've been gone. Thanks to all of you who contributed I hope you all continue, I plan to.

Organization Edit

I want to concentrate on building some policies and templates to make this wiki better, easier & more fun to edit.

I drafted a good portion of the policies on DCAU Wiki [1], and I like a lot of the policies and formating found at both Memory Alpha and Wookieepedia and will be looking to these sources for inspiration.

Admins Edit

I think we could use one or two additional admins. I have a demanding job and can't always be here as often as I'd like. This should be a subject for discussion.

Images Edit

We need guidelines for images; primarily size and attribution. I have noticed that at least a few of the images currently posted are in an incorrect aspect ratio. These ought to be corrected.

--BoneGnawer 21:20, 13 September 2007 (UTC)

  • Hi BoneGnawer, I just started editing on this Wiki not too long ago. There are quite a few other fantastic Wikis for other series and figured that B5 needed a lot of work done to bring it up to the level of one of those. Further policies would be great. I'd take up the offer for an admin position, but I am normally busy every day (maybe one or two free computer hours a night) and the weekends are generally free for the most part, so if it's not a demanding job (at least with multiple ones). The images do need work. And a suggestion (coming from a web developer) the color scheme is a little hard to immediately get used to at first (blue on gray), which could detract people who would otherwise visit often or even contribute. Just a thought. Radagast83 04:15, 14 September 2007 (UTC)

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