The Hand, also known as the Hand of God or the Hand of Death, are a powerful alien species of which little is known by most other races.[1]

They are an old alien species who were imprisoned in another dimension. G'Kar believed this to be the source of many races' legend about a dark force being driven out by a greater force of light in prehistory. After the second Shadow war, the Hand began to make their attempts at returning to reclaim known space. To accomplish this, they began to secretly raid other races' trading routes and attempted to destabilize the Interstellar Alliance. They formed pacts with servants who would be spared from this destruction and were given advanced pieces of technology, though these were toys compared to the race's full capabilities. One of these servants, Minister Kafta, said that rewarding loyalty is the Hand's only virtue. He also claimed that the Shadows were insects compared to the Hand.

The Hand Servitors are a common type of servant of the Hand who appear as black robed beings with a deep monotone voice. These creatures controlled snowflake-shaped vessels that were capable of destroying vessels of other races.

Information on the Hand came to be known by the Interstellar Alliance and they attempted to learn more about the enigmatic race. The Valen, a diplomatic vessel under Ranger command, was dispatched for the task, but was destroyed by the Hand warships, but not before dislodging their passengers onto the Ranger vessel Liandra. The Hand Servitors tried to destroy the Ranger crew but failed in their task.


Canonbox default The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

Mongoose Publishing makes references to the Hand in their RPG line:

  • The first reference is in Darkness and Light, where it's stated that the Hand were an army that served the invaders from Thirdspace, and sought to emulate them after the war's end.
  • A much more detailed entry on the Hand is given in Legend of the Rangers, where it's stated that the Hand are a member of the First Ones who were banished into the void between galaxies for crimes against their brethren. The departure of the First Ones at the end of the Shadow War provided the Hand the coordinates in order to return to their birth galaxy in order to get their revenge.


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