Ivanova, Delenn and Lyta travel to Z'ha'dum to search for Sheridan, while G'Kar ventures out to search for Garibaldi. Londo finds that the political climate on Centauri Prime has worsened under the rule of Cartagia, the insane emperor.



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MIA: Sheridan and Garibaldi. Ivanova launches a search for the station's commander, but she gets no help from alliance members who remember well the ominous adage that "no one returns from Z'ha'dum."


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"I need a friend, Vir. And I need a patriot. And you are both."


"It's sort of the Egyptian God of Frustration. "

Zack Allan, referring to a poster of Daffy Duck. . .

DVD releaseEdit

This episode, along with the other episodes from season four, has been released on DVD with extensive special features.

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