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"...Give me a break. Receive transmission, audio only. Yes?"

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"Don't. Don't tell me to go home. Don't turn your back on me, G'Kar."


Tra'nil was a Narn pilgrim.[1]

In 2262 after the premature release of the Book of G'Kar, Tra'nil spent all his money to travel to Babylon 5 in order to learn from Citizen G'Kar. While on the station Tra'nil made small idols in G'Kar's likeness to sell to other pilgrims as a way of honouring G'Kar, and presumably as a means to support himself.

When he was finally able to speak directly with his idol Tra'nil was devastated when he found that G'Kar intended to leave Babylon 5 for good and did not intend to return home. Pleading with G'Kar, Tra'nil explained what it had cost him to travel so far and that G'Kar owed it to him and others like him to stay and teach or go home and lead. G'Kar refused to be responsible for the choices of others and when he found that Tra'nil was the one making the statues, he broke one in two and told him to go home. Crushed and disillusioned, Tra'nil later attempted to kill G'Kar during the goodbye ceremony, he got off a PPG shot, but it went wild and instead hit Lise Hampton-Edgars, seriously wounding her, though not fatally. Tra'nil was arrested by security and G'Kar later told Michael Garibaldi that Zack Allan had assured him that Tra'nil will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.