Owner: Minbari Federation
Operator: Minbari Warrior Caste
Class: Sharlin class warcruiser
Status: Destroyed (2259)

The Trigati was a Sharlin class warcruiser operated by Minbari Warrior Caste of the Minbari Federation. Trigati was involved in the Earth-Minbari War and did not surrender when ordered to do so by the Grey Council.


When the Minbari war ships were ordered by the Grey Council to surrender at the Battle of the Line, Sineval, the commander of the Trigati, committed suicide rather than surrender. Kalain, the second in command, took control of the ship and went into hiding, the crew wishing to honor their dead captain by defying the Council. For twelve years, the Trigati survived in deep space, usually masking their whereabouts. However, Earthforce ships received word that it had been spotted in places no Minbari ship belonged.

The Trigati came out of hiding when John Sheridan took command of Babylon 5. The crew hoped they could force Babylon 5 to destroy them, allowing them to have some honor in death and perhaps even reignite the War. Sheridan, however, sensed he was being set up and refused to fire on the ship. Instead, he called on another Minbari cruiser, nearby in hyperspace; the cruiser jumped in and demanded that the Trigati surrender. When the rogue vessel refused, the other cruiser destroyed the Trigati's engines, making escape impossible. Rather than surrender, the crew caused the ship to self-destruct, broadcasting the word "honor" just before it was destroyed with all hands. [1]



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