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For the Short Story by Fiona Avery, please see: True Seeker (Short Story).

Aldous Gajic in 2258

A True Seeker is a person who has dedicated their life to the perfection of one's soul and the salvation of their race, no matter in what form their cause may take or indeed what race the True Seeker belongs to.

Among the Minbari Religious Caste such a person is considered honored and holy and are treated with the utmost respect and reverence. Their needs are taken care of, and it is considered an honor to aid any true seeker in their quest.[1] However, not all Minbari share this view; the Warrior Caste do not hold True Seekers in high regard, or it seems, to even understand the concept. [2]

When a true seeker dies, it is tradition that a special crystal is crushed on the ground where their remains are laid to rest, where it will glow each night for a hundred years. [2]

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