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Tuscano was the First Emperor of the Centauri Republic.[1]


Around the Earth year 262, Tuscano was a minor noble in what was then called the Centauri Empire. He distinguished himself however by leading his people in finally defeating and wiping out the Xon, Centauri Prime's other native sentient race with whom the Centauri had been locked in a war of extermination.[2][3]

Following his great victory and conquest of Xonos, Tuscano declared the beginning of a new era by renaming the old empire as the Centauri "Republic" to celebrate this great realization of his people's destiny and then named himself Emperor.[4]

Before assuming the throne, he met with three techno-mages—led by the one named Frazur—and received their blessing. Although the Centauri remember this event in an auspicious light and immortalized it in a famous painting, it is a source of embarrassment to the techno-mage order, as these three were power-hungry and corrupt in a time before Wierden's Code was fully embraced, and later killed each other in a spectacular bout of infighting. The techno-mages at large consider Tuscano a butcher for the extermination of the Xon.[5][6]

During Tuscano's rule, the Shoggren attempted to invade Centauri Prime and were subdued. Before he died, Tuscano commissioned the very first Royal Palace and formed the Palace Guard, incorporating his seal into the buttons of their uniform.[7] Following his death, Tuscano was canonized and added to the Centauri Pantheon of Gods. According to the "old books" of the Centauri, Tuscano and the other early Emperors were proclaimed deities by the ancient gods.[8]


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