Draal reveals himself to Sheridan and offers his services. Babylon 5 is assigned a political officer. G'Kar questions Delenn about the war council and the Rangers.



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Michael Garibaldi and Zack Allan discuss weekly meetings and the fit of Zack's uniform. As they prepare to enter a transport tube, Garibaldi receives a call from Ivanova, for a "Code 7R." Garibaldi leaves, leaving Zack wondering what a Code 7R is.

The Code 7R is a meeting of the War Council. At the meeting, Delenn broaches the subject of contacting the First Ones. Captain Sheridan advocates contacting the First Ones, while Marcus Cole expresses caution. Delenn then brings Draal to assist with this task.

Act IEdit

Sheridan gets an unwelcome visitor in the form of a political officer. Ivanova works with Draal to find first ones. Important evidence is uncovered.

Sheridan and Delenn have made a decision. They need more help against the Shadows and the First Ones fought the Shadows. Although it is risky, they have decided to go find First Ones. Draal shows up, willing to help in this search. Sheridan agrees to go down to Epsilon 3 later.

Unfortunately, before he can leave, Sheridan finds out he has a new Political Officer – Julie Musante. He isn’t very happy about this. Not only does he disagree with her stance on things – redefining everything so there are no problems to him doesn’t help solve problems – but she seems very bent on frankly seducing him.

Act IIEdit

So Ivanova gets saddled with going to look for First Ones. She amuses Draal, which is probably just as well.

Sheridan has dinner with Musante, who gives a very insightful, read-through-the-lines summary of what the current situation is on Earth.

Ivanova reaches out through Draal's machine and finds signs of First Ones at Sigma 957. She also senses that they will return there soon. Then she almost gets pulled in by the Shadows. She also sees the destruction of Earth Force One, and Clark receiving news from Mr. Morden of the pending assassination. She gets Draal to copy Clark’s conversation.

Act IIIEdit

After dinner, Sheridan and Musante return to Sheridan's quarters because Musante is "locked out" of hers. She takes off her dress (her back is seen without clothes), and tries to seduce Sheridan. Ivanova appears using the holoprojection system. To prevent Musante from seeing Ivanova, Sheridan embraces Musante in a passionate kiss. Ivanova disappears, then Sheridan breaks off. He goes into his bedroom and recloses the doors. Ivanova reappears and tells Sheridan that they have to move or they may miss the First Ones returning to Sigma 957. Sheridan can’t move with the Political Officer breathing down his neck, so he has Ivanova go without him.

G'Kar finds Garibaldi and asks where Ivanova is. G'Kar tries to find out what is going on but Garibaldi evades answering questions.

Zach Allen finds Musante the next morning and asks how her time was with Sheridan. She was frustruated that Sheridan had evaded her advances and avoided a sexual encounter. She tells Allen to show up to a Nightwatch meeting in three hours.

Ivanova boards the White Star and learns that Marcus will be accompanying her as translator. They depart for Sigma 957.

In the Nightwatch meeting, Musante announces new powers for Nightwatch and new prohibitions on speaking out against the government. When some members object to the extreme measures, she says that the rights of free speech and association will be temporarily abridged until the "crisis" has passed, and that all loyal citizens are needed to see that Earth remains safe and ideologically pure.

Aboard the White Star, Ivanova and Marcus watch as some First Ones return to Sigma 957.

Act IVEdit

Aboard the White Star, a strange wooden facemask appears. Ivanova asks for their help in fighting the Shadows. At the mention of the Vorlons, the face reacts but is not understandable. The face withdraws as the First Ones consider the request.

In Sheridan's quarters, Garibaldi shows him the recording of Mr. Morden's conversation with Clark. Sheridan decides to get the recording to General Hague.

Aboard the White Star, the facemask reappears and utters a single word—zaugg—then disappears. As the First Ones move away, Ivanova realizes they have denied the request for help. She puts in a call to the Vorlons. In the meantime, she sends a signal to the departing First Ones and accuses them of cowardice. The facemask reappears and instructs Ivanova that, when it is time, she may return and call for the aid of the First Ones. They then depart.

Act VEdit

In Garibaldi's office, security staff watch a news report that evidence has been uncovered that implicates Clark in the death of President Santiago as an assassination. Zach Allen remains after the staff is dismissed, and he and Garibaldi have a falling out.

Ivanova tells Sheridan that the Walkers of Sigma 957 will help when the time comes.

Allen escorts Musante to the docking area and asks her about a Code 7R. She doesn't know what he is talking about. She vows to find and permanently punish whoever started the accusation about Clark.

G'Kar awakens Garibaldi in his quarters and gives him a book of G'Qan, saying it will help in whatever war Garibaldi is preparing for.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"To me everythings a surprise. You're a surprise. This place is a surprise. You see this? Paper cut. Hurts like hell. Anybody else would be upset, but to me, it's one more wonderful surprise. I even surprise myself sometimes. So I guess there's nothing wrong with me surprising you. Right?"

Ivanova to Draal

"Good luck, Captain. I think you're about to go where... everyone has gone before."

Ivanova to Sheridan, with a naked Julie Musante in the next room

"Zog? Zog What? Zog yes, Zog no. What does it mean?"

Ivanova wondering what it means after The Walkers deliver their answer

DVD ReleaseEdit

This episode, along with the other 21 from Season 3 have been released on DVD with extensive Special Features.

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Episode guide page for Voices of Authority at the Lurker's Guide


  • JMS stated that, although not a literal translation, the best translation of "ZOG" (the Walkers' response to Susan's mention of the Vorlons) is: "the Vorlons can kiss my ____".[1]


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