The Vorlon fighter was the Vorlons' smallest known vessel and only known type of fighter.

As with most Vorlon ships, very little is known about its full capabilities. Any new information is unlikely to be forthcoming since Vorlons seemingly took all the fighters with them as they departed beyond the Rim.

The Vorlon fighters appear to be able to create their own independent jump points into hyperspace. Fast, powerful and in numbers, these ships have been seen capable of overwhelming and destroying a Shadow Vessel.[2]

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"With the petals, I wanted to create the feeling that they were somehow connected to some sort of ethereal force that was outside human knowledge. They were like receptors picking up the energy and using it for propulsion."
– Ron Thornton, interview with B5Scrolls.

The ship was designed by Foundation Imaging Co-Founder Ron Thornton.[3]

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  • Given the Vorlon's purported dwindling population and the fact that their ships appear to have a degree of self-awareness, it's possible that these fighters operated entirely without pilots aboard.

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