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The Vorlon transport was a class of ship in use by the Vorlon Empire, sometimes to transport diplomats to various locations. The transport has organic qualities, indicating the use of organic technology.


Each transport possesses a layer of Vorlon bio-armor in addition to four sail-like folds which can extend outward during flight. In addition to these features vessels of this design are implied to have an intelligence and will of their own.[2]. The ships are described on more than one occasion as "singing" to their occupants.[3][4]

History Edit

Ambassador Kosh's Vorlon transport arrived at Babylon 5 in 2257, and docked in Bay 9. [5] Two years later it was primarily docked in Bay 13. [6] The Ambassador used this transport to travel to and from the Vorlon homeworld. Kosh and the ship also seemed to have a partially symbiotic bond.

In 2260, the vessel docked with Babylon 5 with Lyta Alexander as a passenger.[7] When Kosh died, the transport set course for the nearest Epsilon Eridani sun, where it supposedly met its end. [8]

Replacement Ambassador Ulkesh also made use of a Vorlon transport. [9] The ship appeared to have been destroyed when Kosh and Ulkesh's battle ended, but it eventually rebuilt itself and was used by Sheridan and Ivanova as a safeguard against Shadowtech taking over Ivanova's new Warlock class destroyer, the EAS Titans.[10][11]

Known ShipsEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

The ship was designed by Foundation Imaging Co-Founder Ron Thornton. [12] Vorlon Transport was one of the earliest models designed for the show.


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