"One of these days you're going to learn to watch your back."

Walker, to Michael Garibaldi

Walker Smith was a human professional boxer, and close friend to Michael Garibaldi.


Walker first met Garibaldi on Cestus. Smith had started a fight in a Fortune City Holopeep, until Garibaldi who was working Security, arrested him with his Shock stick.

In 2256, Smith was a rising star in professional championship boxing and after having travelled from Orion IV to Mars, Io and the LaGrange Stations he earned enough to buy passage to Earth and a boxing license that would allow him to fight Atagi in a match some would call "World War 4". After his victory Walker became the number one contender for the title, however, SportCorp having invested a significant amount of money in Vizaro the title holder, approached Walker with the suggestion that he should retire for a few years. He refused, and so SportCorp tampered with his blood test to make it look like he'd been using adrenals and accused him of working for the Syndicate. The news networks jumped on the story, and as a result Walker lost his licence and was unable to get a legitimate fight for the next two years.

In 2258, Walker Smith arrived at Babylon 5 to participate in an all-alien Mutai fight circuit. He hoped that the publicity would help him reignite his boxing career. Initially denied from participating, Smith received the aid of a former Mutari, Caliban, and eventually entered the competition. With Smith's entrance into the competition, he paved the way for other humans to join.

Walker was old friends with Michael Garibaldi. They had met many years earlier, during Garbaldi's hard drinking days. [1]