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"They are a mystery. And I am both terrified and reassured to know that there are still wonders in the universe."

Ambassador G'Kar to Catherine Sakai, 2258

The Walkers of Sigma 957 are a race of First Ones who inhabited the region of space surrounding the planet known as Sigma 957 for reasons never fully understood. For many years, they would completely ignore any of the younger races who tried to contact them (including the Narn Regime), sometimes even oblivious to their presence.[1]



Ship used by the Walkers

Like most of the First Ones, the Walkers left their homeworld of Sigma 957 a long time ago. However, they dwell in the space near their homeworld and appear to be drawn back whenever someone approaches.[2]

In 2258, Catherine Sakai conducted an initial survey mission to Sigma 957, despite warnings against going there from Ambassador G'Kar.[1] She encountered the Walkers' ship, and the event blew out most of her power systems, causing her ship to lose maneuvering and start falling into the planet's gravity well. Just before her ship burned up, a Narn ship deployed by G'Kar came to her rescue. After the event, he explained to her the reason why he warned her to stay away from Sigma 957: trying to understand the creatures that walk there is as fruitless as an ant trying to understand a human.

In 2260, the Army of Light began to form against the upcoming war against the Shadows. Cmdr. Susan Ivanova sought them out using the Great Machine, discovering the ruins of the Walker civilization on Sigma 957. She and Marcus Cole went aboard the White Star to contact them. She manages to convince them to join the allies, partly by exploiting the Walkers' disdain for the Vorlons.[2]

They participated in the final battle of the Second Shadow War. After being summoned into the fight by Captain Sheridan, they helped destroy the Vorlon planetkiller. They then departed the galaxy with the rest of the First Ones.[3]


  • The "mask" image seen by Susan is stated to have been a form of representation, an icon, rather than the literal entity. So the true appearance of the Walkers is unknown.[4]
  • The name "Walkers" is never explicitly mentioned in the series, nor is it the real "name" of the species. The name comes from G'Kar's line: "they walk near Sigma 957."[1] However, J. Michael Straczynski has stated that the species' name is 15,000 letters long.[5]
  • JMS stated that, although not a literal translation, the best sense of the Walkers' response to Susan's mention of the Vorlons is: "the Vorlons can kiss my ____".[4]


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