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The White Star Class, was a class of advanced warships maintained by the Rangers and utilizing Minbari and Vorlon technology and served as the backbone of the Interstellar Alliance's fleet. They were manufactured at the Valen's Eye manufacturing point in the Minbari System.[1]


The first White Star was developed in secret by the Anla'shok, under the supervision of Ulkesh Naranek and Chosen One Jenimer throughout 2259. By November the first batch of three prototypes were ready, though they were only scaled down fighter sized White Stars, they were essential in testing the viability of adapting Vorlon and Minbari technology. Their first real test flight was a mission to prevent the Shadows from using the Temporal Rift in Sector 14. The three fighters were piloted by the newly qualified Rangers Marcus Cole and Catherine Sakai with Entil'Zha Sinclair piloting the third. The mission was a success, though it came at the cost of Ranger Sakai, whose fighter fell into the time distortion. [4] In January 2260, the first full scale ship was complete and presented secretly to Captain John Sheridan of Babylon 5, though due to problems with the Warrior Caste, the initial crew was almost entirely composed of the Religious Caste. [5]

With the assistance of the Worker Caste, a massive round the clock effort was begun to put the White Star class into full production and by the December of 2260 the rest of the White Star fleet had been completed, just in time to participate in the Battle of Sector 83. [6] [7]

Additional Technical SpecificationsEdit

These are one of the newest class of Minbari attack ship whose duties have been delegated to the Rangers and the Interstellar Alliance. These were also the first non-Vorlon ship to be designed in co-operation with the Vorlon Empire, so they incorporate features such as Vorlon bio-armor that would normally only be found on Vorlon ships. These ships were built to be both maneuverable enough to engage fighters, and to have the punch to take on capital ships when operating in groups. They were used as the predominant weapons in the Shadow War between 2259 and 2261 and proved themselves to be formidable vessels, taking on vessels many times their size and winning.

This incredible performance is in part due to advanced Vorlon components found in the ship such as the bio-armoured hull which is capable of learning from experience and adapting itself to better protect the ship in new engagements; this hull design also gives the ship the ability to 'heal' itself after it has been damaged. These ships are also capable of creating their own jump point into hyperspace without using a jumpgate, giving these ships tremendous flexibility on the battlefield.

The White Star FleetEdit

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After the White Star 1 proved a success, the Minbari began working around the clock to build a fleet of White Star ships, numbering around 100 - 150 hulls.[8]

Behind the ScenesEdit

The White Star was designed and built by Foundation Imaging Co-Founder Ron Thornton. Design of the ship was based on the pelican. [9]


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