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Security Chief Garibaldi and hotshot pilot Warren Keffer plunge into deep space, following a cryptic clue that may explain why an alien outpost was wiped out. Ambushed and forced to crash land on a remote planet, Garibaldi recalls his first meeting with Babylon 5's former commander, Jeffrey Sinclair.


Writer: Tim DeHaas
Premise: J. Michael Straczynski
Artist: John Ridgway
Colorist: Robbie Busch

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  • This story takes place prior to the events of "The Coming of Shadows"
  • The events that Garibaldi recounts to Keffer are mentioned in "Messages from Earth".
  • Beginning this issue, BABYLON 5 is upgraded to DC's Fracote Format, featuring a coated paper stock. Painted cover by Scott Hampton. All the previous issues had a lower grade of paper quality and the artwork was inconsistent at best.

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