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Yogtree as served in the Zócalo

Yogtree is a type of tree worm native to Orion IV. Originally a local delicacy by the native population, thanks to the presence of an Earth Alliance colony, the dish has become popular among several alien worlds.[1][2]

Yogtree have a tendency to "play dead" which can cause problems for inattentive xenochefs, though Drazi customers don't appear to complain. The best known way to assure a cooked Yogtree is in fact dead is to play a recording of the cry of its natural predator - the Orion Root Simian - which sounds somewhat like a blaring alert klaxon.[1][3]

As a dish, Yogtree is high in protein, low in fat and calories, has virtually zero cholesterol and is usually served fried. Yogtree is noted for its piquant, zesty flavor that to the average human palate tastes like chicken, though overindulging can cause acute gastro-intestinal distress.[1][4]


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