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The Zócalo was Babylon 5's central marketplace.

Located in Red 05 and home to many open bars, kiosks, cart vendors and shops, the name comes from the Mexican word that has come to mean "great marketplace" or "central plaza", though the literal meaning is closer to "base" or "plinth".[1][2][3]

More than once the Zócalo had to be shut down due to public riots; first in 2259 during the Centauri bombing of Narn, in 2260 following the Earth Alliance declaration of martial law and again in 2261 during the incident with the Thirdspace artifact.[3][4][5]

Shops & Establishments in the ZócaloEdit

  • Eclipse Cafe:Located on the promenade of the Zócalo, the Eclipse Cafe is a lower budget option for a quick bite to eat. The varied menu includes Flarn and Centauri Roopo balls, a dish not unlike Narn Breen or Earth Swedish meatballs.[6]
  • Babylon 5 Emporium: An official gift shop for the station opened briefly in 2259, selling merchandise relating to Babylon 5 as a way to generate additional income for the station's operating budget. A scheme initiated by the Earth Senate's B5 Oversight Committee as a way for the station to become more self-sufficient, it was intended to sell gifts and souvenirs to residents, tourists and visiting VIPs. Its produce included t-shirts, models, hats, dolls of notable station residents (sans "attributes"), rubber masks (both Human and Markab) as well as soft toys. After a promising start, the shop was suddenly closed down on the direct orders of Captain Sheridan.[7]
  • Book Universe[8]
  • Dariel's Department Store
  • The Glory Shop[9]
  • Green Tiger[9]
  • Finagle's[9]
  • Mimas Floral[10]
  • Galactic Boutiq[11]



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