Zafran VIII: Located adjacent to Zafran VII, the techno-mage Burell made her home on Zafran VIII. The planet is something of a backwater as it is located on a marginal hyperspace route that connects systems off the beaten track.[1]

Zafran VIII was populated mainly by Humans, Wychad, pak'ma'ra and Kinbotal.[2]

What little trade that does come through the local jumpgate mostly favors the better spaceport facilities on Zafran VII, leaving Zafran VIII with only the shadier type of trade as it's spaceport is corrupt and poorly run, making it easy to pass though without having to answer questions or falsify documents. Prior to the convocation of 2258, Burell noted a fivefold increase in traffic through Zafran VIII, mostly of races that had gone unseen for a century or more. Mostly Drakh, Streib and Wurt.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Strauss Hotel: The Strauss hotel was a heavily used hotel on the planet, frequented by most who passed through. The building was seven stories, and grimy white with the motto "Quiet, Comfort, Convenience." The manager of the establishment beginning in 2250 was Cadmus Wilcox. Burell and her daughter, Isabelle, often used the hotel as a place to gather information on those who were staying there.
  • Hotel Ribisi: The Hotel Ribisi was another hotel on the planet.


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