Zagros VII was Drazi colony world in Sector 801 on the border between the Drazi Freehold and the Centauri Republic, close to the former Markab Confederacy.[1]


Zagros VII was a ringed world, shrouded in bands of thick green hues cloud layers.


In late 2259 it was the site of a Ranger training camp, established with the assistance of Anla'shok Marcus Cole.[2] Less than a week later the colony was surrounded by Centauri blockade mines. After two weeks, Marcus escapes the blockade in a Sky Serpent launched from a Sun-Hawk piloted by Drosak, who is killed in the attempt. After making it to Babylon 5, Marcus returns with Sheridan and Delenn aboard the newly completed White Star 1 and manage to clear the blockade, allowing the other Rangers to escape just before a Shadow Vessel arrived to finish them off.[1]

Though not known by the Rangers at the time, the blockade was arranged by Lord Refa at the request of Mr Morden and his associates so that they could come in and destroy the Ranger base without any of them escaping.[1]


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